Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Our technicians have access to cutting edge tools and resources, that in combination with their training, will allow them to quickly and correctly diagnose why your check engine light is on. Following the diagnosis we will provide you with the most cost effective option(s) to get your vehicle repaired correctly.  Contact us to make an appointment or stop by our convenient location in auburn.

Check engine light causes

If your check engine light is on, it means the Engine Control Unit (ECU – the computer that controls your car’s engine) has found a problem. It could be something as serious as a blown head gasket or something simple like a loose gas cap. Some common things that can make your check engine light come on are vacuum leaks, bad oxygen (O2) sensor, sticky EGR valve, dirty fuel injectors, a tank of bad gas, and yes, even a loose gas cap.

Some of the problems that make your check engine light come on are harmless, but others could cause serious damage to your vehicle. In other words, if your check engine light comes on it’s OK to drive your car unless it’s flashing, but you should get it checked out as soon as possible. If it is flashing it means there is an engine misfire that can cause further damage.

If your check engine light is you may notice a significant reduction in fuel economy. The presence of a check engine light also means that your vehicle will automatically fail a smog inspection.

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